Callaway XR Driver Review: Speed It Up

        Callaway has come out with its newest driver, the XR, with an emphasis on one aspect: speed. This driver is designed to create nothing but speed. In my head, this sounded like the perfect fit for me since I like to play fast and swing fast. Having just reviewed the Callaway Big … Read more

Kingmade Beef Jerky Review: Meat For Your Golf Game

As golfers we spend 4-6 hours on a golf course chasing a little white ball around. I don’t know about you, but I get awfully hungry during my rounds of golf, especially when walking.  During the average round, a golfer walks around 5.5 miles and burns somewhere between 800-1100 calories.  Now that’s good exercise and … Read more

Revant Optics Elite HC3 Lens Review: I Was Framed

It’s a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day and you couldn’t be happier. Your eyes are protected and personally there’s no one that can rock a pair of glasses better than you. In an instant, a quick head movement and those awesome, expensive sunglasses are leaving your face and being introduced to the pavement. A best case … Read more

Perchmount Phone Mount Review: Golfers Mount Up

Videos have become the norm in our everyday life, where people video anything and everything.   If you don’t believe me, just head over to YouTube and you can pretty much search for anything and it will be there.  Golfers are no different, as videos have been popping up on Vine, Instagram and YouTube. How are … Read more