Oakley GasCans & Revant Optics: Easy Style & Performance

When you think of performance eyewear, you almost automatically think of the name “Oakley.” The California brand has been innovating and outperforming their competition for years, making them the must-have shades no matter what game you play. Oakley’s Gascan sunglasses are perfect for golfers or anyone just looking to get the most from their performance … Read more

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver

Callaway ups the ante with their Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond for those golfers looking for maximum clubhead speed, lower spin and maximum distance. Gravity core, multiple loft/lie/face angle settings, and moveable weights provide the most customization options yet.   Technology Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond is the perfect choice if you … Read more

Arccos Golf Review: Must-Have System for Improving Players

If you spend any time watching golf on television, than you’ve probably seen commercials for the golf stat tracking system, Arccos. There are a couple game improvement systems on the market nowadays, but Arccos has set itself apart from the competition thanks to its ease of use, convenience, superbly simply user interface and accurate statistics. … Read more

Healthy Golf : Big Max Blade Push Cart

Golf is a sport that is played worldwide and some people believe is more of a leisure sport that doesn’t provide much health benefits. That was yesterday’s thinking and this is today’s insight. Let’s put it more in perspective. You are playing on quite a large outdoor course with the mindset of chasing a little … Read more

Powerbilt Air Force One DFX Tour Black Driver Review: Nitrogen Charged

It’s time for a new driver and you have been reading endless reviews from major golf forums, retail sites, and YouTube.  It’s typical behavior for a small percentage of golf enthusiasts who have come to be known in this industry as “equipment hos”, but for the majority of buyers advertising and shelf presence will influence their … Read more

Nike Vapor Pro Driver Review: Vapure

Every year, golf companies compete to bring that one piece of equipment that will set the bar higher. Changes in technology are happening so fast that sometimes it seems some companies even go into competition against their own products. One year, speed is king, the next; perhaps spin. Nike understands these changes. They also understand … Read more