Ping Tour Wedge Used by PGA Pro Angel Cabrera

Recently Angel Cabrera and several other Ping staff players added the company’s newest Tour  wedge to their bags.  You may ask what makes this wedge better than the other Ping wedge and to answer, it is the new grooves.  Ping has named the groove the Gorge groove. Ping is keeping the club in house and putting the grooves on themselves.  Ping had this reason for doing so,

By managing the process and the tooling ourselves,  we’re able to ensure the optimal size and shape of the grooves for generating  more consistent spin and trajectories for confident shot-making

The new Ping wedges are  available in three different sole widths. The WS, or wide sole, is ideal if your  home course has soft sand, or if you aggressively hit down on the ball and tend  to dig into the turf and make deep divots. The TS, or thin sole, is the thinnest  sole, which is ideal for golfers who tend to sweep the ball off the ground and  make small divots, or who typically play courses with firm sand. The SS,  standard sole, is the most versatile and falls in between the WS and the TS.
The Tour wedges are made from 17-4 stainless steel, available in lofts  between 47° and 60°, and are designed with a slot behind the face that houses a  dampening cartridge that enhances feel.
The Tour will cost $140 with CFS  steel shafts and $167 with graphite shafts.
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Written by BP Staff


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