Wilson Staff Di11Irons Review

The Wilson Staff Di11 irons offers users consistently powerful ball flight and the unmistakeable sound of a crisp strike. The club features a low CG, ultra-wide sole, large sweet spot and torsional stability.

This particular set of Wilson irons uses an elastomer coating instead of a urethane insert to dampen vibration. By doing this Wilson saved 12 grams of weight that was instead placed low and deep to promote a higher shot trajectory. Wilson’s trademark wide-tip shaft is designed to increase stability for shots struck on the toe of the club rather than the sweet spot.


The Wilson Staff Di11 is a nice change from some of the enormous irons in this same category. The user won’t be hitting baby cuts to a back-right pin with the Staff Di11, but the improved technology is certainly convincing, and the look is attractive. The ample perimeter weighting minimizes errant shots, and the offset helps square the face and get the ball up in the air.


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