Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Irons Reviews

Adams has been producing Idea Tech clubs for several years now, and each one seems to be better than the last. After releasing multiple clubs with the Idea Tech tag in 2010 they have put forth a new batch for 2011. This particular series, the 2011 Adams Idea Tech V3 irons, are earning a reputation as some of the best new irons of the year.  Even after a year of being on the market, these clubs continue to be very popular in 2012.

The Adams Idea Tech V3 irons have been listed on several of the top lists for irons in 2011, and has been named a Golf Digest Hot List Gold club. It is being acknowledged for its premier innovation, where it has been ranked the category leader in 2011. Adams has long been known for being an innovative brand, and when it comes to irons in 2011 the Idea Tech V3 is the best set out there.

However, the innovation alone is not going to sell the Adams Idea Tech V3 irons. Although it probably could. Regardless, the specifications of the club are interesting as well. The tungsten weighting in the hybrids enhances forgiveness, and recessed heel and toe areas reduce turf drag.

The irons also feature a four-piece viscoelastic vibration-dampening material. This is designed to promote a solid feel for the user upon contact. Every golfer knows the feeling when they connect with the ball and it feels fluid and smooth. The Adams Idea Tech V3 has technology that gives you this feel more often.

There are two set choices for the Adams Idea Tech V3 irons. All are hybrids or one with forged short irons. Both come with Mitsubishi Bassara graphite shafts, meaning the user has the best possible equipment on the course.

So if you’re looking for some new or used irons, the Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Irons may be the clubs for you.


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