Review: Ping Anser Milled Putter

Ping has been a company that has done a great deal in changing the game of golf throughout its history. That has been especially true in the world of putters, where they have reshaped and remodeled the putter in multiple ways.

For 2011, Ping has already released several new putters that are taking the golf world by storm. Those include the Ping Scottsdale, Sydney, and the Anser Milled putter.

The latter, the Ping Anser Milled putter, is the topic of this particular review. Ping’s Chairman and CEO John Solheim released the following statement concerning the Anser Milled putter:

“The Anser Milled Series is special. The original Anser design created by my father has dominated the tours for more than 45 years. Few products in any industry can make that claim. With its design influence found in putters of most every make, the Anser has long been the standard by which other putters are measured. Our goal with the new Anser is to raise that standard by offering golfers a fully machined putter of the highest quality that fits their eye like no other.”

Ping’s goal with the Anser Milled putter was obviously performance, and after trying it out on the course it’s apparent that they met their mark.

Solheim went on to say other things concerning the specifications and the design of the Ping Anser Milled putter.

“Fitting is integral to everything we do. Our Fit for Stroke approach helps the golfer make an informed decision about which putter best matches their stroke. When used in conjunction with the iPING putter app, choosing the correct putter is made easier, and more importantly, it leads to improved consistency on the greens and lower scores.”

It’s obvious that Ping is looking to utilize all the technology at their disposal, including their new mobile app. This will help the user track their progress and see how they’re doing with the new Ping Anser Milled putter.

The Ping Anser Milled putter is available in both right-handed and left handed versions. The average price of the Anser Milled putter is set at $325.

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Written by Gary Lee

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