Callaway Tour Warbird Plus Golf Balls

Callaway has been one of the most trusted names in golf for decades, and that reputation will continue to build with the new Callaway Tour Warbird Plus series of golf balls. In an attempt to allow the user to achieve a softer feel and higher playability, Callaway produced the Warbird Plus series of golf balls. It features impressive specifications that will allow the user to use it to their advantage on the course and have it help them reduce strokes from their scorecard.

The Callaway Warbird Plus series of golf balls is a solid ball that features HEX aerodynamics. Instead of Warbird series’ of the past that featured a dimpled design, the Callaway Warbird Plus is officially a member of the HEX family. It is constructed with a two-piece construction that has a faster, more resilient forumla that provides maximum distance while keeping the feel as soft as possible. In fact, the feel of the Warbird Plus series is much softer than that of the previous Warbird generations. The HEX aerodynamics and overall design help make the Warbird Plus series especially durable, which in turn provides higher playability.

Callaway’s reputation for excellence on the course is not something to overlook, and the Warbird Plus will make a splash in the golfing world. This series is perfect for amateur players looking to improve their game but can also be used by higher skilled golfers looking for a ball with higher playability than their current ball. The Callaway Warbird Plus is a series of golf ball with an impressive design that goes away from tradition and gets strong results.

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