Callaway Tour i(z) Golf Balls

Callaway has been one of the most trusted names in golf for decades, and that reputation will continue to build with the new Callaway Tour i(z) series of golf balls. In an attempt to allow the user to achieve faster ball speeds, better durability and resiliency, as well as a greater distance and higher accuracy, Callaway produced the i(z) series of golf balls. It features impressive specifications that will allow the user to use it to their advantage on the course and have it help them reduce strokes from their scorecard.

The Callaway i(z) has been listed as the most technologically advanced golf course on the market. Many of the specifications it features are second generation improvements on first generation breakthroughs. The dual core construction allows the ball to deliver much faster ball speeds than most users are familiar with. The HEX aerodynamics pattern has also been improved, which increases the distance the ball travels. It’s also one of the most durable balls on the market thanks to its soft, urethane cover that allows the ball to play softer and last longer. While lasting longer than the average ball, the Callaway i(z) also allows the golfer to generate tour-level greenside speed, which is a luxury all golfers would love to have.

If you’re an amateur golfer looking for a ball to help you learn the game and become more comfortable on the course the Callaway Tour i(z) series isn’t the direction you want to take. This particular series is geared more towards higher skilled players looking to add additional distance and ball speed to their game. For those looking for highly durable balls that perform admirably on the course, the Callaway Tour i(z) series is a solid choice.

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