Bridgestone e5 High Flight Golf Balls

The Bridgestone e5 High Flight Golf Balls are going to do exactly what their name suggests. Many golfers are happy with their long distance game but are looking for a little extra something to give them additional distance. The Bridgestone e5 High Flight Golf Balls can provide that extra cushion to help take you from the short rough to the fairway. The Bridgestone e5 High Flight series offers extreme ball velocity through a new, two piece construction method that features a urethane cover for greenslide spin.

Much like many of the other, newer series’ of Bridgestone Golf Balls, the e5 High Flight series is constructed with a large, gradational compression core to help give it the ‘high flight’ that its name so brashly guarantees. The inside dimples of the e5 work in the user’s favor as well, as they increase thrust power at launch. This blends beautifully with the outside dimple that promotes a more shallow angle of descent, which in turn gives you an increased role towards the hole.

The Bridgestone e5 High Flight Golf Balls are going to be a great asset to any golfer. While they aren’t exactly geared towards professional players, they are certainly an advanced series of ball. They can be used by amateurs with a solid grasp on the game and looking to add distance to their shot. The impressive technology and specifications that Bridgestone used to engineer the e5 series of balls is going to give the user a great opportunity to cut strokes off their game while receiving greater distance off the tee.

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