6 Essential Gear You Need To Start Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the United States. While there is a general belief that the sport is played by only the members of high society, individuals from different income ranges and classes also participate in it.

Today, the sport is gaining more popularity and acceptance from other parts of the world. Wherever you might be, whether in Europe, North America, or Asia, you will find a golf course. As the popularity grows, more people are interested in playing. Are you just about to venture into the fantastic world of golf? If so, you should know that just like other sports, you will need some essential gear for playing the sport.

This article will provide you with six of  the necessary gear you need to get started. It is also important to note that many sportsbooks now provide an opportunity to wager on golf matches and win money. This means that just like a football lover can make money from NFL betting, golf fans can also make extra income by betting on the outcome of golf games if they fancy it.

Must-Have Tools For Golf Players

Before playing golf, these are essential gear and tools you need:

1. Golf Balls

Golf balls are at the top of the list for an apparent reason: you can’t play golf without a ball. We know you might think that since only a selected few play golf, its balls will also be expensive. However, it’s important to note that these balls are not all premium quality. As a beginner, there are ways to get affordable golf balls.

Also, you can buy balls that were lost from previous matches at reduced costs. They’re usually reconditioned and resold at affordable prices. Secondly, you can purchase mid-quality balls for less than $50 on Amazon, any other trusted e-commerce stores, or physical locations. For now, the quality of the ball isn’t so important, as you currently need to improve your skill in the sport.

2. Golf Bag

To start playing golf, you need to invest in a golf bag. The bag will house your clubs, balls, and other equipment. There are diverse kinds of bag designs in the market, but we recommend a stand bag. This bag has two straps, enabling you to carry it on your back. Alternatively, you can stand the bag for easy access to your gear when you want to play.

Also, if you’re preparing to ride on a cart to go around the golf course, you should make arrangements for a cart bag — an ideal one for carts. Notably, these bags are heavier than stand bags, so it’s important to clarify if you’ll use a cart to move about or not. Furthermore, if you love the features of both bags, you can go for the hybrid bag, as some manufacturers have created one.

3. Tees

As a golfer, your apparel is very crucial. It’s not all dresses that allow you to swing your arms freely or give you such allowance to move around freely. So, your outfit is as important as your other gear. A polo will be ideal for this activity, and if you can get a pair of pants, that’ll do.

4. Clubs

Golf clubs are one of the essential gear every golfer must own. It’s important to note that a golfer can only carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs in his bag. As a beginner, your best bet is to start with a package set created especially for rookies, or you can select a half set.

Ideally, you can go with a set of at least clubs, a putter, and some wedges. Also, ensure to carry along a driver. The more you play, the more you’d realize that the half or beginner set of clubs isn’t enough. Then, you can go for the complete set.

5. Ball Marker

After a couple of tries, you’ll finally putt it. When this happens, you’d need to place a mark on your ball as other golfers putt it. If you don’t have a ball marker, you can alternatively use a coin. This way, you can adequately spot your ball while the game is going on. If you can afford it, investing in a ball marker would be great for your journey.

6. Shoes

On the golf course, you’d find out that the terrain is much different than the average landscape you’re used to. Wearing your work shoes or slippers to the course will only be inappropriate and cause you to lag on the field.

Thus, you must make arrangements for golf shoes, as these are some of the most crucial gear you need. Golf shoes help you maintain balance and stay in peak performance while swinging. You can go with spiked or spikeless shoes; the former offers better traction, while the latter offers more comfort. Whatever the choice you make, ensure you go for shoes fit for the purpose.


Getting the right golf gear is as important as perfecting your skill in the sport. The right tools aid your learning, offer comfort, and ensure you are safe while on the course.

While there are many tools that you will need to play golf as a pro, these are the foundational gear every golfer must have. You can purchase them online at any reliable e-commerce platform or at your local sports store.

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