Justin Thomas Is a Serial Trolling Victim

Are you a fan of golf or just an internet user who loves to see top athletes getting trolled by their peers? Here we’re running through the very best Justin Thomas moments that saw him getting joked on by fellow golfers as well as spectators and those in the media. 

Regardless of whether you’re a player who spends their weekends at the driving range or a gambler looking for the latest Travelers golf odds, we’re sure you’ll find this piece funny.

Who is Justin Thomas?

Justin Thomas is a 28-year-old, professional golfer from the United States of America. He currently plays on the PGA Tour, where he has won 10 tournaments so far. He plays the game with a full swing, which is extremely fast and accurate, and he is a very clever golfer. Although he is American, he has a very soft accent, which makes him sound like he is English.

Thomas was born in Alabama, United States, but he moved to Orlando, Florida when he was 6 years old. Thomas was always a very talented golfer and he played for the University of Alabama for 3 years. He was a member of the winning team in the 2012 NCAA Golf Championship and began to play on the PGA Tour after he graduated from the University of Alabama.

What is his best golf shot?

The best golf shot that Justin Thomas has played was during the 2017 WGC-HSBC Champions in Shanghai, China. He was at the 15th hole, and he was hitting a difficult shot. The hole was surrounded by trees and he had to hit an extremely accurate shot to the green.

The hole was surrounded by trees but he managed to hit a perfect shot, which landed on the green. He finished the hole with a birdie and won the tournament. He has won many tournaments but it is obvious that he is very proud of this shot.

2019 Hero World Championship trolling

The 2019 Hero World Championship was hosted by Tiger Woods, the legendary golfing extraordinaire, and he played the first round alongside Justin Thomas. All seemed calm and fair until Woods hit his drive further than Thomas. Woods made sure to let Thomas know that he had outplayed him in front of EVERYONE in attendance, leaving Thomas in a state of bewilderment.

2017 CIMB Classic trolling

Justin Thomas was trolled by his competitors after his 12 hole-in-one at the 2017 CIMB Classic. He was on the 13th hole when he hit a shot that ended up in the hole. However, he was not very happy with the shot, because he had hit it too hard. He ended up getting a 12 hole-in-one but did not feel very good about it either.

He said that he was “embarrassed” because he had hit the shot too hard. He did not want to be known as the player who had made the 12th hole-in-one, because he did not hit the shot properly.

2015 Phoenix Open trolling

Justin Thomas was trolled by his competitors when he was playing at the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open. Thomas was at the third hole when he was hitting a difficult shot. He ended up hitting the ball into a bunker, however, the ball ended up rolling onto the green.

He managed to hit the ball so well that a spectator started clapping and cheering for him. Thomas was very proud of his shot and he said that he had never managed to hit a shot so well.

Justin Thomas is one of the best golfers in the world and is one of the youngest golfers to win multiple tournaments. He has earned a lot of money and has won many tournaments, making him very popular in the golf world although he is trolled by his competitors quite a lot.

Is Justin Thomas a good golf player?

Justin Thomas is a very good golfer, who has won 10 tournaments in his career so far. He is relatively young in the golfing world at 28 years old but is very confident in his abilities. He has a very fast and accurate swing, which has resulted in him doing so well in recent years.

Thomas is very good at hitting the ball straight and he is also good at hitting the ball into the bunker. He is not only a good player, but is also very popular in the golf world and is known for his generosity. He has won many tournaments, which proves that he is a very good player, even if he does find himself being laughed at on occasion.

He is trolled when he does something good, and he is trolled when he does something bad. It is clear that he does not mind being trolled, as he is very confident in his abilities and knows that it is all in good faith.

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