Best Golf Simulator Screen Size based on Game Room Feature Considerations

What’s going to determine the screen size in your room besides space?

If you’re like me, you’re looking into a golf simulator right now and you’re doing your research into what you can get into your house. In case you missed it, I just wrote about why I decided to dump the gym membership for a home golf simulator, but I will have to do some research right now to see if how I’m going to make this happen.

For this post, I’m looking at impact screens. I have a typical 2 car garage that is about 20×20 in space, so fitting a screen in here shouldn’t really be a problem. Questions I’m asking myself are:

  • How much stuff do I want to cram into this 400 square foot space?
  • What are the priorities of features?
  • What’s going to look good and be kid proof at the same time?

There’s going to be a balance of budget, features, wishes, dreams and reality, but to make this really possible, we are going to have to score high on the W.H.A.T: The Wife Hates/Approves Test!

The Wife Hates/Approves Test  aka the “W.H.A.T” is a 10 year old assessment tool I developed that directly affects the quality of your life. It started off as a decibel level based system from how loud the wife would say the word “WHAT” after learning of a new idea or discovering a new purchase. Please note, this is not a required tool for you lucky few out there, but it is more of a recommended tool that could help guide the rest of us through a process like this.

How it works: The higher the score on the W.H.A.T scoring system, the higher the chance of it actually happening.


    • HIGH SCORE: Hi Love! I’m thinking about installing more shelving in the closet to help organize your shoes and purses. 
      • This should result in a low decibel “what” with a possible smile. Resulting score: 9 (not a 10 because the logical next question will be: how much?)
    • LOW SCORE: Hi Love! I’m thinking about buying a motorcycle to take the kids on for weekend canyon runs! 
      • This should result in a high pitch, high decibel “what” with possible eye roll. Resulting score: 1 (not a 0 because we all know there can be much worse ideas)

*I’m realizing I can write a whole post on this WHAT scoring system, so let me know if you’d like to in the comments below*

Moving forward, this “man cave” will be officially named as the “family fun center” to brand this project as a family project, increasing the likelihood of a higher WHAT score. With that being said, here are some ideas/features that I’d love to have in the man, er, family fun center.

  • Golf Simulator
  • Pool Table
  • Putting Green
  • Chipping Area
  • Home Gym
  • Drink Fridge
  • Gaming Area
  • Movie Theater
  • Poker Room
  • Dance Studio

Most of these seem like your typical game room type features, but you’ll notice three features that I’m putting on the list that is another way to increase my WHAT score: the Movie Theater, Home Gym and the Dance Studio.

The Movie Theater is easy right now. Pandemic aside, the tech out there for a solid home move theater is all out there. Throw in a old school popcorn machine for nostalgia and you should be able to get the head nod from the spouse on this family fun feature.

The Home Gym is relatively easy to propose as well, since we can just throw out some mats and do some yoga, especially golf yoga!

The Dance Studio is unique to me, since my kids love to dance. The idea is that if my daughter really wants to get into it, there would be a place in the house that she could go to and use the mirror. The same mirror I’d be using to check my swing (example of multi-use feature).

By now, you can see what I’m doing. I’m suggesting multi-use purposes for a giant room for people to hangout in. I could throw in the idea of my wife using it as her mommy group cocktail room, but I’m not going to press my luck.

Now, it’s time for me to prioritize these features, so we can start planning out the space and then planning out the budget and phases in which this project is going to happen.

The easy top priority is the Golf Simulator because let’s be real, if it wasn’t, I’m not even thinking about this right now. Now that is set, you can fold these other features into the golf simulator priority as what I would like to call “build requirements.”

  • Putting Green
  • Chipping Area
  • Movie Theater

The putting green has a high multi-use score since they serve as the landing area of balls being hit into the screen. I would dump this into a phase two part of the project right now with my budget conscious mindset right now. The chipping area really is the hitting mat I’ll need for the simulator, so that works very well in a phase one build.

The movie theater is easy because the screen or monitor I plan to use could serve as the main movie screen as well. The one thing to consider would be the sound system for the true movie theater experience, so the audio solutions would also be considered to be a phase two part of the project.

The next priority to consider would be the pool table which can also be used as a poker table, albeit, not a very comfortable one along with a ping pong table. The multi-use score is high here. The cost is also high, so it’s naturally going to go down on the list right now based on budget.

The lower priorities here are easy additions to the room that I can fill with lower cost solutions. For example, I can use my cooler instead of buying a whole damn fridge right now and the kids can stay in their rooms for now instead of having a whole RGB gaming room Chuck E. Cheese would blush at.

For me, the pool table looks to be a significant cost and for me, I just don’t enjoy pool as much as I enjoy golf, so the next step is going to be looking at the costs of a golf simulator that covers the entire wall versus a golf simulator bay that can be placed in the corner to allow for the space needed for the pool table.

With that being said, the best idea for me is utilize one whole wall in the garage for the screen, but that’s not going to stop me from researching all sizes. I’m just going to lean towards researching the larger screen sizes for now.

There’s a ton of options out there right now, so check out our Facebook Fan Page to follow along the journey for this Golf Simulator Build.

Leave a question/comment below about how you’ve prioritized your features and what you think about going big or small on simulator sizes. Looking forward to great conversations!

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