Why I Decided to Invest in a Golf Simulator Instead of a Gym Membership

Let’s get this out of the way now. I’m in my 40s and would be generously considered overweight by the medical and general community. I’m not going to work out any more, so why lie to myself and pay $40 a month to the local gym? Especially now when all gyms have moved their equipment out to the cold outdoors with no working televisions and proper hiding areas to take a nap during my workout hour.

Now with all that extra money in my pocket now, it’s time to invest in something that will truly give me happiness and give me JUST ENOUGH of a workout where my Apple Watch can record a blip of calorie burning to balance out that first cup of coffee I had in the morning!

We’re talking about golf simulators, everyone! The days of it costing $50,000 to put one in your house . . . . . are still there, but the great thing is that there are some real great options that can get your your wallet net positive before you even know it. But before most of us can move forward, we’re going to have to answer some of these questions:


I have two small children and I’m married to an amazingly patient woman. Like most couples, we both present our cases when we bring big financial projects to the table and this golf simulator was no exception. But before I can talk to the wife about this, I have to know for myself that I really want to make this happen.

Before kids, I was your typical weekend warrior who would play at least one to two rounds of golf on the weekend. I loved the competitions and bets that were rolling every round and the memories of watching myself and/or my friends fold under pressure or come through in the clutch. Guaranteed memories to live a lifetime and one of the biggest reasons I love this game of golf.

After kids, I was lucky enough to get one to two rounds of golf a month when they needed help with everything: eating, getting dressed, cleaned and going to the bathroom, but as they are getting a bit older, I’m fortunate they’ve been able to figure out how a spoon and toilet works to get some time back for myself. One to two rounds a month has turned into maybe 4-5 rounds a month now.

There still isn’t that much time to go and work on my game at the range, especially with the pandemic going on, but even before, I wasn’t going. The little parts of my game would go to crap and those 4-5 rounds a month would be more to hang out with friends than to try and challenge myself from a scoring perspective.

With all this being consider, do I have time to practice if my simulator was at home? Oh yes I do.


There’s a bunch of ways we can do this, but the one thing that will dictate your budget is going to be the space you’re going to use to build your simulator. If you have a one bay garage, you probably have space for a golf net to catch your shots, where as if you’re like me and have a two car garage available, the world is going to be your oyster.

For me, I don’t know what the exact costs are, so you’ll have to join me on this journey.

I’ll have 400 sq feet to play with and to make sure we get total buy in with the wife, I have also proposed that this will be a mixed use place where the family can use it as a golf simulator, putting/chipping area, movie room and possibly a studio for the girls to dance. There are going to be compromises, but I’ve started watching some YouTube channels, pinned my favorite images on Pinterest and started researching all the little things that will make this a great new addition for the whole family.

I’ll have some more information on my research methodology, resources and priorities in the next post, so hopefully, I’ll see you there.

In the mean time, please leave a comment below to talk about what kind of hurdles you’re facing in getting a golf simulator in your house.

3 thoughts on “Why I Decided to Invest in a Golf Simulator Instead of a Gym Membership”

  1. Gary, we would welcome assisting you thru the muddy waters of the simulator industry. As the Global best-in-class, industry leader we at HD Golf + Multi-Sport can provide you an all encompassing solution to accommodate your overall family desires.

    Look forward to hearing from you and extending professional value where applicable for you Gary.

  2. Thanks Chris! Still early in the research process, but when I have all my questions lined up, I’ll send you an email. Happy Holidays!

  3. Hi Gary,
    I can’t help you with building your simulator but great minds think alike. My husband and I are in our late 50’s. He works out and I do not. We love to golf and in our little community the golf courses only close for a few days to dry out after a snow storm. But I promised him that when we build our forever home, we would put a simulator in our basement. We golf, our son golfs and now his 6 year old has taken up this wonderful game. A simulator makes a lot of sense for during the cold winter months. I am a fair weather golfer so it is a great alternative to freezing to death on the course and I know that 3 generations of golfers will love having a simulator right at home.
    Good luck with your simulator and keep us posted. Hopefully, my husband and I can learn a few things from you during your journey.
    Thank you for sharing.
    An older average lady golfer

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