Uther Introduces Golf Balls Showcasing Nine Exclusive Classics

Uther has launched its iconic golf ball collection, which includes both three-piece and two-piece constructions.

The new collection is created to echo golfers of differing abilities and feature dual icons on the top and bottom of the balls making it simpler to see how much your golf ball spins in the air especially on chip shots.

Dan Erdman, Uther’s creator, speaks on the highlights of their latest additions:

“I noticed a need for golf balls to be unique as all current golf balls lack personality. With our debut iconic golf ball collection, Uther golf balls provide another visual form of expression with playful icons.”

The golf balls have been in development for more than nine months, ensuring reliable accuracy and a brand for a soft feel for long-distance.

Uther’s iconic golf ball collection is now available for purchase at Uthersuuply.com with prices ranging from $30-$40 a dozen.

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