Golf Lesson for Beginners: How Do I Tee Up A Golf Ball?

Welcome to Bunkers Paradise’s Golf Lesson for Beginners! To answer perhaps beginners’ most asked question: “How do I tee up a golf ball?

When beginning a new adventure or venture, in this case, a game — specifically golf, our mind is plagued with questions. Newbies tend to overthink and sweat all the small stuff. For golf beginners, a good starting point to aim those shots is to know the right place of the tee from the ground.

The gap between the tee and the ground is a detail not to overlook. It is usually the first step in correcting both the length and accuracy off the tee.

There are general rules in identifying the appropriate height of tee from the ground depending on the kind of club used.

The right height to tee up the golf ball with:


The longest club in the bag requires the clubface on the upswing to hit the teed ball. The golf ball would also be teed at its peak by using a driver off the tee.

The experts advised on the ball should be at equal height to the crown or top of the driver. The ball is teed at its optimum location when the bottom of the golf ball, resting on the tee, lies in line with the driver’s top which allows golfers to hit the full distance.

The right distance that the tee will be placed is about an inch and a half above the ground and will be lined up at the address within your lead foot.

Golfers will have to use a tee longer than the usual length to achieve this height. 

3-wood and hybrids:

For 3-wood and hybrid tee drives, you should try to sweep the golf ball. To accomplish this sweep, golfers can leave one-half to one-third of the ball above the club’s crown with their 3-wood tee lying about half an inch above the level.

For hybrids and other fairway fields, one-third to one-quarter of the ball above the crown is optimal. 

For both, the players should put their lead foot above the clubhead in front of the ball.

Irons & Wedges:

For long to mid-irons (2-5i), golfers should look to leave a fifth of the tee above the ground, and for shorter irons and wedges (6i-wheels) players should press the tee all the way to the ground such that just the head of the tee appears above the grass. 

Typically at the address, the ball should lie between the legs for iron and wedge shots.

Should I use a tee on par 3s?’ 

Although sometimes you can see tour professionals not using a tee for par 3 approaches, beginners are not advised to do the same thing.

Legend and 18th-time champion Jack Nicklaus is once quoted, “You get 18 chances of a flawless lie –why not take them? “Air offers less resistance than turf.” 

So make the best of it and tee up the ball when you have the chance!

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