No Pressure for Team Tiger Woods and Charlie at the PNC Championship

Team Woods all the way! PNC Championship will see Tiger Woods play for the first time in the event, as he partnered up with his 11-year-son Charlie.

PNC Championship, also known as the Father and Son Challenge, picks up the best 20 players in a few years and has the opportunity to play with the players’ chosen family members. The 15th time professional golfer champion has chosen Charlie to play with him.

As years passed, Woods seemed to have loosened his competitive grip just a bit. If you have not seen Woods play before, you will not appreciate the changes he is showing recently. The changing personality has been observed by many and it appears to be people are attracted to it. The public first witnessed a more human Woods during the awarding of Masters 2019 as he emotionally received the award — hugging and crying with son Charlie.

The new face of Woods might be something to be appreciated, especially from someone who has taken down everyone on his path. But the softer and gentler, more relaxed aspect of Woods does not mean he is not aiming to win. Particularly now Woods will be playing with Charlie, who executes moves like Woods himself. But Woods makes it clear he is not worried, in fact, he looks more relaxed more than ever.

Watch Tiger Woods and Charlie compete against other legends and their families at PNC Championship is on December 17 to 20, to be held at The Grande Lakes course in Orlando. Watch it too at Peacock, NBC, and the golf channel.

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