Best Clubs for 5-Year-Old Beginner According to Players

A list of best golf clubs suitable for 5-year-old beginner player according to parents and players

If you are looking for a light as a weather 7 iron club for your five-year-old who has shown interest in playing gold, look no further. For your convenience, we have created a list of the best clubs for a five-year-old who will just start playing golf.

These recommendations are based on the parents themselves who once had their child started playing golf at the age of five shared over GolfWRX forum. Yes to train them young but make it easy and enjoyable for your totes. 

Without further ado, read on the best clubs for five-year-old beginner from the recommendations and share in the comments below how it turns out with your kid.

  • According to FellaHeen51, a putter is the most practical choice. An affordable putter is available in the market plus it easier to use with the right instructions. “That’s been my experience with my grandson this summer past. Then add an appropriately sized PW. Learn from the greenback.”



  • A hybrid is what Vater’s son is trained with. “Starting with the hybrid was a good way to go because it was a club that wasn’t also in the set. Good luck on your journey – my boy and I have been hitting the range regularly together for almost a year, and I think it’s one of the best things you can do to get your kid outside at that age.”


  • US kids clubs and the putter get another point from Bizzie80 who emphasizes the range of sizes that can suit kids’ height. “Check junior golf threads. Lots of starter info. Get her the U.S. kids yard club for her height and a putter from them to match. All you need to start her off.”

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