Shawn Clement Explains Dustin Johnson’s Mindset that Won Him in Master’s Tournament

Dustin Johnson made history again by bagging this year’s Masters Tournament championship. Shawn Clements revealed Dustin Johnson did what he did in such simplicity and ease.

Johnson almost broke records in the 3rd round of the recently held Masters Tournament 2020 Championship. All fairways are spot on with only two greens missed, slipping an inch or two. On his full element, Johnson heats up the game with by hitting all the targets and scored him a record setting of 20 under par and ofcourse that iconic green jacket. On the other side of the field is Tiger Woods who hit 38 fairways out of 51 fairways.

Shawn Clements explains how Johnson performed really well and comfortably during the championship. According to him, it is all about the mindset and how Johnson sees the whole setup.

Clement explained Johnson’s perception of the fairways with a start and an end. Watch and learn how you can improve your consistency like Johnson.

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