PGA Tour: Players Unleash in Second Annual Anonymous Pro Survey held its annual Anonymous Pro Survey, where they protect the identity of 52 PGA Tour Professionals, so there’s no holding back when players are asked the most loaded questions in the golf community.

They touch on all topics including, but not limited to, rules, politics, courses, and who will win majors in the future.  And don’t worry, they all think Tiger will win another one.

The survey was held during the Safeway Open over five days where asked each player 46 questions.  The field included 30 tour winners, three major championship winners, and 15 players who have made a Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup team. Here are some notable questions and responses.

Which Tournament is Harder to Win — Players Championship or PGA Championship?

78% of the players thought the Players Championship is harder to win.

Who Got Your Vote for 2019 PGA Tour Player of The Year?

33% said Rory McIlroy and 17% said Brooks Koepka, but more notably 40% of the players did not vote.

In General, Are PGA Tour Setups…?

4% – Too Hard

21% – Too Easy

75% – About Right

Players also apparently want more rough, some even saying bad drives are not penalized enough with roughs.

Do You Like the New Compressed Major Schedule?

55% – Yes

45% – No

Has Flagstick-in Putting made Putting Easier?

15% said yes while an astounding 81% of players said no.

Roughly What Percentage of Tour Pros Would You Classify as “Slow Players”?

This was one of the more popular topics last year, and some would argue the most controversial. The average of all their answers was 32%.

Will Rickie Fowler Win a Major?

An incredible 96% of the field said yes.  Hopefully Fowler read that and got a confidence boost to get the job done after being so close countless times.  The field also admitted that the Players is harder to win than the PGA Championship. Therefore, Rickie has proven he has what it takes to seal a victory in one of the four major tournaments.

Will Tiger Win Another Major?

73% – Yes

27% – No

And let’s be thankful that this is anonymous or else that 27% would have a ROUGH season this year.

Who Will Win More Majors in Their Career Between Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy?

57% – Brooks

43% – Rory

Will Phil Mickelson Win Another Major?

18% – Yes

82% – No


If You and Tiger Played a 36-hole Match Tomorrow, Who Wins?

90% – Me

10% – Tiger

Whoa, whoa.  Now granted the question was asked before Tiger tied the record for most PGA Tour wins of all time at 82. However, a lot of the tour players had the same concern and that is they believe Tiger can’t do 36 holes in one day.

Who is the Most Intimidating Player?

46% – Tiger
22% – Nobody
20% – Brooks Koepka
4% – Rory McIlroy

Should Marijuana Be Removed From the Tour’s Banned Substance List?

57% – Yes

43% – No

For the rest of the goods, check out the complete list of questions and answers here!


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