Holey Moley Surprises Golf Fans with a 10 Million View Debut

In the past 20 years, there have only been a handful of transcendent sports stars who have truly influenced their sport and fans. We’re talking about the Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods and arguably, Steph Curry.

What Curry has done on the hardwood to help change the way young fans have evolved from dunks and crossovers to jump shots and crossovers has truly been amazing. Add the fact that he’s probably the first relatable player kids can look up to and you can see why corporate America has fallen in love with him and his interests.

Last Thursday, Disney owned, ABC, debuted Curry’s new show, Holey Moley, a competition based golf show that combines the fun aspects of Wipeout and the awe-inspiring skills of American Ninja Warrior . . . . okay, maybe not, but I think you can get the feel from Wipeout.

It’s a summer slot that ABC can definitely give up to see how it goes and based on what I saw, it’s pretty entertaining if you temper down your expectations of amazing golf trick shots and more family fun that’ll give you a chuckle.

Co-hosted by Monday Night Football play-by-play guy, Joe Tessitore and one of my favorite comedians Rob Riggle, the show really has a funny japanese game show knock-off that highlights the competition from stupid games we all make up during a round of casual weekend golf.

If you don’t think Riggle knows golf, you should check out this bit he did with the SCGA a few years ago:

To be honest, I didn’t think this show was going to be a hit, but holy gawd damn, it got 10 Million Views, so there must be some interest.

I’m going to be looking forward to how the show evolves with hopes that there are going to be some out takes, more focus on the shots that are being made and the competition between the players.

Next episode is going to be Thursday night at 8pm, so let us know what you think in the comments below.

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