Tiger vs. Phil: Questions over Greed Start to Surface

The day after Thanksgiving is usually full of fun family activities to work off the amazing feast your family just consumed, but this year, it’s going to be a little different. This year, you’re going to turn on your 65″ big screen and get ready for the one of the most anticipated one on one matchups in golf history.

A winner take all, $9 million dollar match at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. Sportsbooks have already come out with their odds and they look like they are favoring Tiger for now. With Tiger’s recent success, some oddsmakers are saying it’s a no-brainer to put your money on Tiger for this match.

Now, you may be thinking that the $9 million is chump change compared to the amount their making through endorsements and a probably cut in the pay-per-view money. This can be evident in the PR friendly rumors of donating all $9 million to a charity of the winner’s choice.

The question is being raised by publications such as USA Today about the validity of this kind of event:

So let’s be honest here. This isn’t golf. It’s vaudeville. It’s an exhibition hosted by a couple middle-aged players, ruined finery essentially, seeking a means to make a lot of money for doing almost nothing. – Paul Daugherty, USA Today

Woods ($113 million) and Mickelson ($87 million) are Nos. 1 and 2 on the PGA’s all-time money list, and have made a fortune off the course. This $9 million “match” shouldn’t need to be subsidized by the golfing public, but that appears to be what’s happening. – Josh Slagter, MLive.com

Could it start to become a spectacle like the hype that came from the Connor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight last year? Fans from across the pond see to think so:

Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson is a vulgar Las Vegas Contrivance taking place a decade too late. – Oliver Brown, The Telegraph

One hundred percent agree that this has come a decade too late. Tiger didn’t crash his Escalade into the tree until November of 2009, but Tiger was playing the best golf of his career, so Mickelson would have been foolish to agree to a one-on-one match at that time.

At the end of the day, this is great for the game of golf. The two biggest names in the last couple of decades finally get to face off and a generation of fans that grew up with them, get to answer some of the “what if” questions they’ve been bantering about with buddies on the course.

Speaking of banter, he’s a taste of what you might here as both players will be mic’d up for the event:

With only two guys, we should have a total different experience with fans, because we will have smaller galleries that won’t necessarily have ropes that can walk inside the fairway and up near the greens. We’ll have mics on both us and our caddies and you’ll be able to hear all of the banter as well as commentating that will be more interactive. The idea is not just to have this great match but to have this interactive experience so fans can see something that they’ve never seen in televised golf before.


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