Carnoustie Pullover Review

Carnoustie Sportswear Pullover Review

Selecting golf apparel is definitely specific to each individual golfer. One might purchase the lowest priced clearance items to save money, while another might only go for a certain name brand because their favorite golfers uses it.

Personally, I am not locked in to one specific brand or cost range. I like to find the most comfortable and best performing golf apparel. Just because you can purchase something cheap, doesn’t mean it is going to good for you on the course. Shopping for golf apparel is not just about looks. It’s about performance as well.

I’ve been doing golf apparel reviews for a few years now and can honestly say that one of my favorite brands of golf clothing to wear is made from Carnoustie Sportswear.


In my opinion, Carnoustie Sportswear makes some of the best looking golf apparel. They aren’t the flashiest, but everything they make looks clean and classy and their latest golf pullover is no different. The pullover I received to review was blue with some white highlights. The zipper line was highlighted white along with long white stripes along the arms. There is the Carnoustie “C” logo on the upper back portion of the pullover. The zipper tag also had the Carnoustie logo, which just adds the classiness of the pullover. Overall this is another clean and classy looking item from Carnoustie.


This pullover is made with anti microbial technology for moisture management and has a really nice feel to it. It’s soft but airy, which allows it to breath. I was able to swing freely without any restriction, which obviously is a must when talking about golf apparel. I can’t go on without mentioning that it has built in 50 SPF UV protection from the sun. I don’t know how to make clothing, but the fact that they can build SPF protection into a golf shirt is quite impressive. I’m a very pale skinned individual and need that extra UV protection.


I continue to be impressed with the line of golf apparel that Carnoustie puts out. This pullover is no different than what I have come to expect from their brand over the years. It has that classy look that I love and is extremely comfortable to wear on and off the course. I have worn it several times off the course simply because it looks so good.

If you are in the market to pick up a pullover, I would highly recommend taking a look at Carnoustie Golf Apparel.

For more information or to go make a purchase, click HERE.

Written by BP Staff


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