Alligator Carries Fish Across Golf Course Like No Big Deal

Alligator on Golf Course With Fish

Anyone who plays golf knows to expect the unexpected on the course. But what one Florida golfer witnessed while playing a round with her family in Safety Harbor is something we can all probably do without.

A big alligator trotting across the course with a giant fish locked in its mouth.

Amazingly, the woman who shot the video gives us the play-by-play while staying just as calm as the gator. This is definitely not the first time an alligator has been seen on a golf course by any means, but what’s a little more fascinating is how big the fish is.

“What a sight” indeed.

Here’s the full video below, along with a couple other things you probably don’t want to see while playing the game you love. Seriously though, this fish-chomping gator will get destroyed by the monster alligator in the last video. Pretty sure it’s a dinosaur.

High speed chase on the links?  Why not!

Just nope. No thanks. Don’t really want to see dinosaurs in real life.


Written by BP Staff


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