Golf Rangefinders – Our Top Picks For 2017

Times have moved on swiftly since the mathematically testing days and years where we paced off yardages. Golf Rangefinders are fast becoming an essential necessity for those looking to improve their overall game. Things like slope-adjusting measurements (which you may not even have heard of) are a massive help which make rangefinders wore so worth the money.

It is a fiercely competitive marketplace that no doubt a handful dominate, but the question is which ones actually do come out on top? Below are our picks of the 3 rangefinders which are the best of them for 2017.

Bushnell Tour V4 Slope – $349.98

Bushnell describe this product as “the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, slope and jolt.” And believe it or not – that is no bias opinion either. The slope technology is unreal. You’ve simply got to be impressed at how this enhances, rather than hinders its accuracy.

This is a nifty, stylish, slender and very speedy little number, which isn’t too much of a drain on the wallet either. We can definitely see the broad appeal of this golf rangefinder, and although you could probably poke a hole or two if you look hard enough, this could very easily be the one for you.

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Callaway 300 – $169.99

They’ve been one of the pioneers in driver technology and a firm favorite amongst golfers for years, but who would have thought Callaway would try become a leader in the field of laser rangefinders?

Well, that’s exactly what they’ve attempted to do with the Callaway 300, and we think they’ve done an impressive job.

In collaboration with its partner IZZO, they’ve put together something that ticks plenty of boxes for not a lot of money. Let’s see if you’ll be as intrigued by it as we were.

It’s a simple, but classy design and ever-so light. A perfect fit for your bag that is also practical and user friendly. It’s down to around the $200 mark on Amazon, which for a quality laser is cheap as chips.

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Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt – $286.53

The build quality of the Z6 (Or any Bushnell for that matter) is superb, and this little gem retains all those fine properties with a little bit extra. Stick in the palm of your hand, and you’ll already get the measure of its durability, and it’s fully waterproof too. Nothing wrong with the design either – it’s slender, stylish, and the white aluminum gives it a good twinkle.

In terms of features, you’ll no doubt be a fan of the Vivid Display Technology, which does wonders for enhancing the contrast and clarity of your view. Undoubtedly one of the best value for money golf rangefinder purchases you can make currently.

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