What is the Right Budget and Equipment a Young Golfer?

Your child has expressed an interest in golf or you have decided that you would like to introduce him or her to golf. The question then becomes, “where do we go from here?”

The first thing that you are going to need is equipment for them to start with which will be determined by their age and size. When children learn with clubs that fit, they will generally easily develop a golf swing that will last them their entire life. Having the proper club length and weight are important keys to developing solid fundamentals.

Don’t Cut Down an Old Set and Why

The first thing that comes to mind is also the worst thing you can do. Never start young children with cut down adult clubs for several reasons even though this is the most inexpensive way.

  • Most men’s golf club shafts are on the stiffer side and do not provide enough flex for the youth golfer
  • The heads on adult golf clubs are heavier and difficult for the golf junior to lift and get a good backswing
  • The lofts on adult clubs (mainly men’s clubs) are usually stronger which makes it difficult for the younger golfer to get the ball airborne

All of the above will make it much more difficult for a young beginning golfer to learn and enjoy the game of golf. This will cause them to become frustrated with their lack of success and they will tend to lose confidence. Once this happens they will tend to lose interest and quit. Dont forget, this has to be fun for them.

There are a number of major manufacturers that make junior sets such as Callaway, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade, Tour Edge and Wilson while other companies such as Accu-Length and U.S. Kids only make equipment for juniors. The cost of these set will range from $80 to $400.

How Many Clubs Do They Need

How many clubs you need initially is mostly age related. The recommendations are for kids 3 to 5 years the recommendation is three clubs.

  • A lofted club (@26⁰) to hit off the tee
  • Something around 39⁰ for the fairway
  • Putter.

For kids that get older, bigger and stronger the set makeup should be more like this

  • 15⁰ wood
  • Three irons around 25⁰ 39⁰ & 46⁰
  • Putter

At some point they will move into women’s clubs. How many clubs will be determined by how far they hit them. If they are only getting a 5 yard gap between clubs they only need every other one.

Length and How Long Will They Last

Length is as important as weight and the way to determine this is that their longest club should be about 2” to 3” below their sternum. US Kids Golf has an excellent fitting chart on their website.

There is no way of telling how long a set will last because children grow at different rates, but don’t be tempted to buy clubs too long so they will last longer. It defeats the whole purpose of fitting them. Once again, if they are struggling and not seeing results they will lose interest.

As adults, many of us understand how tough golf can be if you are trying to play with clubs that aren’t the right weight and length. By keeping these considerations in mind when buying junior golf clubs, you can help your child enjoy the game more and make it a sport they will enjoy for their entire life.

Written by BP Staff

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