What do Younger Golfers think of Older Golfers

What younger golfers think of older golfers is a little like discussing what teenagers think of their parents. They don’t exactly see what I would call, eye to eye. Younger golfers have some very definite opinions about older golfers and it is interesting to see what they have to say from their point of view.

Even though I am definitely in the category of “older golfer” I have to admit that in some areas older golfers have a tendency to be hypocritical and need to cut the younger guys some slack.

Older Golfers Dress Funny

Older golfers tend to wear clothing that reminds the younger golfers of uniforms. They tend to wear conservative shirts with club logos on them and solid – usually khaki slacks. The younger golfers wonder why they make fun of Rickie Fowler and his clothes since, except for the flat cap bill, are very similar to what the older players wore in their prime. We will leave Arnold Palmer out of the group, because the “King” has always been cool. We will also leave Jack Nicklaus out because he was sponsored by Hart Schaffner Marx and since he was color blind, they packed his outfits together.

Older Golfers Have Funny On-Course Habits

Older golfers consider golf a sport and have this thing for rules and traditions. The idea of losing a golf ball and then just dropping one in the general area freaks them out.

They also spend a lot of time fusing with their range finder in order to get the exact distance to a target they are not likely to get anywhere close to instead of just checking their phone app if they want the correct distance.

They may even have hand written notes of swing tips to help them battle their wicked slice.

They Don’t Listen to Music on the Course

This is a totally foreign concept to most of the young golfers that play the entire round with their ear buds in listening to their playlist.

Older golfers came up with silence being golden on the golf course and don’t really believe anyone can possibly play golf while listening to music.

Older Golfers Have No Idea How to Make a Tee Time

Older golfers probably don’t have the GolfNow app on their phone and have to resort to call the pro shop and asking what is available.

Older Golfers Don’t Text While Playing

Younger golfers have a real hard time understanding why older golfers frown on them using their cell phones to communicate with people during a round of golf. The concept of not allowing cell phones on the course or having to turn them off drives the younger players nuts.

The bottom line is that while both groups agree on certain things like golf is a good way to enjoy the outdoors, golf is fun, and golf is great for hanging with friends, that is about all they have in common. Young golfers simply think that older golfers need to “chill a little.”

Written by BP Staff

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