Awesome Golf Gifts for Christmas – The Best Of The Best for the 2016 Holidays

Christmas seems to come around quicker and quicker these days, doesn’t it? As is the case every year! And birthdays for that matter. Whatever the occasion, gift ideas are unquestionably one of life’s greatest challenges. Never mind awesome golf gifts in particular.

After all, when it comes to your nearest and dearest, you want to help make their day, and getting them a present you know they are going to love is as rewarding for you as it is for the recipient.

The good news is that, if this lucky man, woman, boy or girl you are shopping for is a golf enthusiast, then you’re in luck. Regardless of your budget at hand – we’ve got you covered.

Use the quicklinks to navigate our Awesome Golf Gifts 2016 from lowest to highest in terms of price.

7 Awesome Golf Gifts for Christmas

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible – From $26.00

awesome-golf-gifts-1I only came across Dave’s ‘Bible’ recently, but I have to say I am hugely impressed. He brings a very scientific approach with this book, with a lot of specific focus on wedge play. An area of the game, which a lot of golfers neglect.

It’s all easy to understand and his writing style makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read. What I love about the book is the variety of techniques and approaches he covers, and this really is relevant to anyone and everyone – regardless of handicap. See Best Price on Amazon.

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour – From $33.00

awesome-golf-gifts-2Seeing Rory on the front cover is like me being on time for something because I’m always late – a big shock to the system!

It’s been on the market since 2015, and after a few initial teething issues and subsequent updates, this game is now the real deal. An abundance of the world’s premier courses to choose from, any number of pros to play against, and whether you’re playing on Xbox or Playstation, the graphics are world class.

There are a number of modes to choose from and the mechanics of the game are spot on.

It is very enjoyable way to keep yourself or your children busy, and for that price, it’s a great gift for any friend, spouse or child. See Best Price on Amazon.

Rukket Pop-Up SKEE-GOLF Chipping Target – From $39.99

awesome-golf-gifts-3As chipping target nets and receptacles go, this is undoubtedly our favorite. You can take it anywhere and it all folds up neatly into a nylon carry bag that’s as light as they come.

There are three targets to choose from, thus giving you a bit of variety when taking on your buddies in a chipping competition. We tested it on a windy day too, and it held up just fine. You use this every week and you are certainly going to improve! Fantastic for that driven hard working recipient of this gift you’ll be buying for them!
This is a sure-fire way to help your loved one improve their short game. And in the season of giving, that’s about as good a gift that you could give to any golfer! See Best price on Amazon.

Titleist Canopy Umbrella – From $59.95

awesome-golf-gifts-4Winter is now upon us and we all need to be adequately geared up. The first line of defence against the elements is undoubtedly a decent umbrella, and the Titleist Canopy is the answer.

The double canopy makes it pretty much impenetrable, even when the heavens open to the max. It also has massive width, and is made out of tough stuff so will last you a number of years.
I suppose the only downside of buying this for your hubby (or wife) is that rain won’t prevent them from playing anymore, meaning you’ll see a lot less of them! See Best price on Amazon.

Epson M-Tracer Swing Analyzer – From $129.99

awesome-golf-gifts-5The M-Tracer is accurate to within ONE-TENTH of a degree! You read correctly yes.

If your golfing partner (or friend) has a passion for analysis and stats, then they’ll have a field day with the range of metrics on offer here. The 3D swing-path features provide the perfect platform to study it all.

It’s pretty straightforward to handle and navigate too, given all that’s going on. Yes, it is a pricey little gadget, but it’s also a ticket into the good books. Guaranteed! See Best price on Amazon.

Club Glove Burst Proof with wheels II Travel Bag – From $229.00

awesome-golf-gifts-6With the holidays on their way, the person you’re spoiling may just be headed to a tropical island to play some golf.

Lucky them!

That results in them having to have a decent travel bag to protect their clubs, and the Club Glove model is the ideal choice. The burst-proof construction, coupled with the layer of ballistic nylon at the base, provide market-leading protection.
This bag is tough as old boots, and competitively priced. So really, the question isn’t whether to get one. The question is what colour to get it in! See Best price on Amazon.

Garmin Approach S6 Watch – From $349.00

awesome-golf-gifts-7One of the more expensive awesome golf gifts out there, but this one’s a beauty, we can assure you.

It’s mapped over 40,000 golf courses around the globe, with a second-to-none series of hole maps, aerial views and a touchscreen that allows you to pinpoint distances to anywhere on the course.
It’s sleek, lightweight and very snazzy too. Ticks all the boxes! See Best price on Amazon.

These gift ideas along with a number of others were originally featured on Golf Assessor’s Unique Golf Gifts article

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