How to Pick Your First Set of Golf Clubs

There’s no need to break the bank for golf clubs, especially if you’re picking up clubs for the first times. Just like with any type of hobby that involves dishing out some cash for equipment, cheaper is better at first. Not just because who knows if you’ll still be playing six months from now, but you don’t want to be known as the person with all the newest gear, but can’t even swing a club correctly.

Save your wallet some grief, and save yourself some embarrassment. While you can carry up to 14 clubs, there’s no real need for that as a beginner. You only need a few clubs to get the feel of hitting the ball.

Searching for Clubs

You can look online or retail stores for some cheap clubs until you know you’re ready to upgrade. With all the technology at your fingertips, there is no excuse why you can’t find the best deal for you. Just looking on craigslist right now, there are decent clubs for $50-$95. Don’t get lazy, do your research.

If you’d rather go a more legitimate route, then head over to your driving range or a sports superstore and safely take some swings with the clubs there. Find what fits best for you, and take advantage.

What to Get

When you finally do decide to buy your clubs, all you need is a driver, a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, a putter, and a couple irons. At first, look for clubs with more loft. The more loft the club has, the easier you can get the ball in the air. And for beginners, that’s a big thing to learn.

Look for irons that feature a wider sole. This gives beginners a little breathing room on their swings. If you swing too far in front of the ball, the wider sole will somewhat neutralize the effect of sticking in the grass.

On top of that, look for an iron that has a little more weight concentrated in the sole. This allows you to get a little more air on your shots. As a beginner, the most important things to focus on is your technique and the basics. Once you get that down, then you should worry about your clubs.

Don’t fret too much about what you’re dragging around the course, worry more about what you’re doing when you’re stepping up to the tee.

Written by BP Staff

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