What Technology has Done to the Game of Golf

Technology is changing everything around us. There are so many things that were unimaginable just a few years ago that we can all easily do now. Golf is just another thing that has been affected by these technological advances.

The sport has come so far, and is continuing to evolve. From the making of clubs and balls, to helping you with your swing, technology is constantly improving just how efficiently we play golf.


I’m sure everyone has seen those fancy drivers and putters that use big words to describe why you should empty out your life savings for them. It’s amazing to see just how different the clubs are nowadays than they were back in the day.

The club heads are larger and come in so many different shapes. It’s so easy to lose track of which club does what just because of the massive selection. They have clubs for every and any shot you’ll ever have to make.


You would think that choosing golf balls would be the easiest part about golf, but you would be surprised. With all the new kinds of balls that are entering the market, the selection is as big as ever.

From one-piece balls all the way to four and maybe even five-piece balls, each ball has its own purpose. The compression, the dimples, everything about the balls is important now. You need to know more about golf balls than you ever thought you’d need to just to keep up with the competition.


Shoes have come a long way. Not just in golf, but just in general. Before it was tough to find the right shoes for you, but now it’s easier than ever. You can just walk into a sporting goods store and try on as many shoes as your heart desires.

I guess for the younger generation, the most important advancement with shoes is the style. You can actually look stylish with golf shoes today. Comfort and performance come second with a lot of people, and now because of the huge market, that’s perfectly fine.

Golf Simulators

With the right amount of money, you can now golf from the privacy and luxury of your home. Just set up the simulator, and swing away. If you’re not made of money, do some research, and you can probably find one of the simulators at a nearby sporting goods store.

Who would’ve thought we’d be able to drive a ball in our own homes?

Golf Swing Technology

The eye test isn’t enough to spot a bad swing anymore. Now we have the latest golf swing analyzing technology. Whether it’s sensors in your gloves or at your feet, now you can find out the exact moment when you mess up your swing.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the exact angles of your swing, not it’s possible with this technology.

Written by BP Staff

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