5 Most Luxurious Golf Resorts in Southern California

Some people consider golfing as a mini-vacation away from everything else in life. So when you go on a real vacation, there’s no reason to leave your everyday relaxation method behind. Instead, you should go somewhere you can enjoy a vacation and then take a vacation from your vacation to golf some more.

These resorts are some of the best in the world, and what’s even better is that they’re all located in southern California.

Montage Laguna Beach

Enjoy the view of the ocean at the Montage Laguna Beach resort which is located right on the coast in Laguna Beach. If you want variety at your resorts, then this is the place for you. The resort has four separate golf courses and clubs that you can easily travel to and play until you need another massage.

Terranea Resort

Another coastal resort, another place to add to your to-do list. This Rancho Palos Verdes resort is a great excuse to get your family on the course with you. With an excellent women’s and junior’s program, your wife and kids will be better than you in no time. If you’re picking up the clubs for the first time as well, the whole family can enjoy lessons at their wonderful golf academy. If you would rather get away and play by yourself, this resort has a great facility to test and improve your short game. Another course with another great view, you might forget you’re even playing golf as you get lost in the scenery in and around the resort.

Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa

This resort located in Rancho Santa Fe, has a different feel than some of these other resorts you might see. When most think of Southern California, they think of sun and surf. The Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa gives you a different experience. Located a little more inland than some resorts, it is surrounded by ranches filled with horses and hills.

The great thing about stay here is all the access you receive to many other world renowned courses such as Torrey Pines, the Farms Golf Club, the Del Mar Country Club, the Del Mar Golf Club, the La Costa Resort and Spa.


If you ever wanted to golf in the countryside, now is your chance. Cal-a-Vie is a beautiful resort located in Vista, California which is surrounded by a breathtaking view of the southern California countryside. Besides golf, this resort offers a number of physical activities and relaxation methods. Once you’re finished golfing here, you can enjoy a nice massage and some time in the spa to relax even more.

The Resort at Pelican Hill

You probably already know a lot of about this place since it’s mentioned constantly by everyone. Well there’s a reason for that. The view at this resort in Newport Beach is enough to distract you from focusing on hitting your ball squarely.

With two courses that have great views, you won’t want to go back inside and enjoy the rest of the luxuries that Pelican Hill has to offer. Even if this is your starting point into golf, they have a great golf academy to teach you how to take advantage of the courses in front of you.

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