Should The Players Championship Become the 5th Major?

Every year the Players rolls around people start talking about whether or not it should become the fifth major. The answer is no. Men’s professional golf has a perfect balance of big tournaments and then the major’s. Once you start adding major championships, then it becomes watered down and the odds of winning a major will go up. Not to mention it will also increase the likelihood of the one-major wonder guys who are never heard from again.

The 2016 Players Championship isn’t helping the cause to make it a major either. The scoring has been ridiculous with players shooting record low scores and the all-time tournament mark could be in danger.

What if the governing bodies get together and decide to make the Players a major? Does that mean that all the players who won the tournament in the past are considered major champions? Or that players who won the grand slam have no longer won the grand slam because they haven’t won The Players? So many questions.

It would simply muddy the waters in terms of who is a major champion and who is not. The LPGA added the Evian Championship as its fifth major in 2013 and former players were not too happy.

What is interesting is that it’s the best field out of any event during the year, including majors, and it is the biggest prize purse as Phil Mickelson noted back in 2005:

“We obviously have strong fields at the majors but, player-for-player, this is the best field we have all year, the biggest purse we have and one of the toughest tests of golf we have.”

Having the fifth biggest tournament in the world isn’t such a bad thing either and it allows the PGA Tour to control the tournament on their own, rather than to have a governing body take over the tournament and do who knows what to it.

This is one of those never ending discussions that will be talked about for years to come, but in the end the Players Championship should not become a major.


Written by BP Staff

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