Anonymous PGA Tour Player: “Embarrassment to compare Spieth to Tiger”

In an interview with ESPN’s Michael Collins an anonymous PGA Tour player said that it’s an embarrassment and an insult to compare Jordan Spieth to Tiger Woods. I would definitely agree with that statement because there is only one Tiger Woods.

Sure there are some similarities with the number of tournaments they’ve won by a certain age, but Tiger is on such a different level that I don’t think we’ll ever see anyone reach. Here is the full quote below:

“He was the needle. He’s not around anymore. We don’t know if he’s coming around again. We hope [he will], but we can’t count on that. Now you take the Jordan Spieths, you take the Jason Days, you take these young guns, they’re still not Tiger. Nobody’s ever going to be Tiger. We know that. Lotta people don’t know that. But they’re not going to be.

“The great play of Jason Day, the great play of Jordan Spieth, the great play of Rickie Fowler — combined, they’re not Tiger. … They’re just not. Tiger is Tiger. It’s a Michael Jordan. You cannot compare. It’s actually, in my opinion, it’s an embarrassment and an insult to compare those guys to a Tiger Woods. … It’s an absolute embarrassment to say that a Rory McIlroy, a Jason Day, a Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, all these guys are going to compete with Tiger’s records. Combined, they don’t even have half his records yet.”

I think a lot of this Spieth and Tiger comparison comes from the fact that most people don’t like Tiger because of what happened back in 2009. They are looking for the next golfer to lead everyone forward and they believe it’s Spieth.

When you take a look at the numbers, some can be quite surprising. Comparing both Tiger and Spieth’s first two Master’s each: Spieth is -23 and Tiger is -21. Spieth was a year younger than Tiger when he won his first PGA Tour event and Spieth and Tiger are the only two golfers in history to win the U.S. Junior more than once.

Like I stated above, these are just some similarities and a couple advantages for Spieth, but we are so early in the career of Spieth and we have no idea what the future holds.

Written by BP Staff

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