2016 Valero Texas Open: Learning Moment From Charley Hoffman

Charley Hoffman won the Valero Texas Open on Sunday by sinking a clutch birdie putt on 18 for the win. Putting in pressure packed moments is tough and we can learn a few things from what Hoffman did on 18.

Keep your head still

In order to make a smooth and straight putting stroke you need to keep your head still. Even after making contact with the ball your eyes should remain on the spot of grass where the ball was for two seconds after you hit the ball. If you can’t seem to do this, you can have a friend hold your head in place on a practice putting green.

Solid base

The putting stroke starts with having a solid stance and making sure that you don’t move around during the stroke. Hoffman uses a nice wide stance to help him feel like he has a solid and stable base. To practice this, try putting a ball between your knees and squeezing it in place when putting.

Eyes Closed

Having a nice tempo is extremely important when putting. Whether you have a quick stroke or a more deliberate one, you have to keep it consistent. To help with this try closing your eyes to get a better feel of your arms. This drill will also help with distance control.


Having a consistent routine is important for every golf shot, but even more so for putting. Hoffman takes a quick glance at the hole after address and then looks back at his ball and starts the stroke. Make sure you develop a routine that you can fall back on during the pressure packed moments.

Written by BP Staff


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