Colin Cowherd says Jordan Spieth Winning Masters Would Be Terrible

In shocking news, Colin Cowherd says something controversial. (Sarcastic voice) Although it is kind of a ridiculous opinion, I have to agree with him. People who don’t watch golf regularly don’t really want to see someone dominate the field and win easily. There is no fun in that and it won’t get people hyped up about golf. When Spieth put two in the drink on 12, people perked up and the sports world was suddenly interested in the golf tournament that everyone thought was over.

Here is the full explanation:

“You know what I think about Jordan Spieth? I’m finally interested. ‘Cause now he’s got texture. He choked. I hate using that word. He choked. And now he’s interesting. Now he’s vulnerable. Now he’s layered. Now he’s textured. Now, Jordan Spieth, next year at The Masters, 12th hole, leads by two strokes. I’m in on that. Jordan Spieth took an early lead Thursday. He led Friday. He led Saturday. He led Sunday. The ratings I’m looking at, nobody cared. He collapsed. Spike. Oh, it got interesting. For the first time in Jordan Spieth’s amazing career, he’s got texture.”

The point he is trying to make is that watching Spieth is now more interesting because he failed. He is right. Even for me, it did get a bit boring when Spieth was up four strokes and the outcome seemed certain. His overall thoughts have a bigger meaning than just golf or sports, and it’s a basic life lesson: sometimes we need to fail in order to become successful. In this instance Spieth’s failure was a good thing for golf because it got more people to tune in.

Written by BP Staff

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