Bryson DeChambeau Names His Clubs

Having names for your clubs is a unique story when you first hear about it, but not when you realize it’s Bryson DeChambeau. The amateur is in many ways, a blast from the past, because of the way he plays the game and the way he approaches it.

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DeChambeau read “The Golfing Machine” by Homer Kelley and immediately tried to apply those techniques to his own game. He has developed a swing that allows him to make the same motion with every club. To accommodate for that he cut all of his irons to the same length in order to have the same contact point for every swing. Each iron is 37.5 inches long, which is the same length as your 7-iron.

DeChambeau is only the 5th golfer in history to win the U.S. Amateur and the NCAA Individual title in the same year. He will look to do something special this week at the Masters after earning an invite via his U.S. Amateur win.

Here are the names of his clubs:

3-iron (20 degrees): “Gamma, which is the third letter of the Greek alphabet”

5-iron: “My favorite par 5 out here, Azalea”

6-iron: “Juniper, it’s the sixth hole at Augusta”

7-iron (34 degrees): “Three plus four is seven, and it has Tin Cup written on it because that was Tin Cup’s favorite club.”

8-iron (38 degrees): “The 8-ball — 8-iron correlates quite nicely.”

9-iron (42 degrees): “Jackie is my 9-iron. No. 42, 42-degree lofted club.”

Pitching wedge (46 degrees): “1946, Herman Keiser (the Masters winner).”

Gap wedge (50 degrees): “Jimmy Demaret, won in 1950, so I call him Jimmy. Kind of funny when you ask (the caddie), ‘Hey, give me the Jimmy.'”

Sand wedge (55 degrees): “Mr. Ward, Harvey Ward, low amateur and 1955 U.S. Amateur winner, too.”

Lob wedge (60 degrees): “So 1960, who won the Masters? So King is on that wedge.”

Written by BP Staff


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