Get More Distance with This Simple Drill

One of the things that my students most commonly request help with is getting more distance with all their clubs, but especially their driver. The video below will show you a simple, but effective way to help you get that extra yardage.

I learned this drill as when I first started teaching and have helped a tremendous number of people by showing this to them. This drill creates sensory input which is the best way for the brain to learn. It helps you develop a feeling for what you are trying to accomplish.

Distance is all about how fast the club head is moving at impact and this drill lets you see and understand where you are generating speed and where you should be generating it.

This drill was demonstrated on the Golf Channel by Charlie King who is a on the list of Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers and Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers. He is also the founder of Anti-Method Golf.

I will point out that when you do this drill you will find that the more relaxed you are and the lighter you hold the club the faster it will move.

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