Air Force One N7 Irons for 2016 | Nitrogen Powered

Today we’re doing our First Looks review for the new Air Force One Nitrogen Powered Irons.

About the clubs:

The new Air Force One premium golf equipment brand that is known exclusively to use compressed nitrogen in their product line and holds several patents in the golf sector to market nitrogen products.

The newest addition to the Air Force One line is the AFX Pro Series. The AFX Pro Series replaces the forged Citation players’ irons, featuring less offset and a thinner top line. The AFX Pro Series features Nitrogen Charged technology in the 3- and 4- iron and an undercut cavity in the 5- iron thru PW. In addition, the AFX Pro Series has matching muscle back 52-, 56- and 60- degree wedges. The irons are soft cast which produces a soft impact feel and workability.

Nitrogen Charged technology uses nitrogen inside a hallow-back iron supported by 50 pounds of pressure. This allows Air Force One to create a super-thin face wit no internal bracing – creating an enormous sweet spot with no hot or dead spots. It creates incredibly consistent ball flight and distance from club to club.

First Looks: Appearance

When I looked at the irons I immediately noticed the satin finish, which looked very appealing and knew that it would be comfortable to look down on at address. They looked very similar to my current big brand name irons as far as the finish goes. They looked like a solid midsize iron with minimal offset and they definitely promoted confidence when looking down on them.

First Looks: Feel

All the shots felt very solid and I could tell that the sweet spot was very large. However, I was unable to get much feedback from mishits because the sweet spot is so big. The club felt solid throughout the swing and I could always feel the club head during my motion.

First Looks: Sound

The irons definitely have a different sound than forged irons and have kind of a “ting” sound. It sounds great when the ball is struck in the middle of the face.

First Looks: Performance

The performance was surprisingly good. Not to name names, but it definitely outperformed other big name golf equipment companies in terms of pure performance. Ball jumps off the face and has a nice penetrating ball flight.

We’ll be taking these out on the course for a more in-depth review, but let us know what you think of the clubs so far!

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