Ball Striking vs Scoring

This is a video by someone that is a great golf instructor and , like myself, gears everything toward the 12+ handicapper.

I chose this topic because I find this to be very true. When people come to me for lessons and I ask what their goal for their golf game is the first answer is almost always about shooting better scores. When we get into talking about scoring it seems they mistaken believe driving it better is the key to lower scores.

In this video Craig does an excellent job of explain this so that it easy to understand. It is worth a few minutes of your time to hear what he has to say.

“Craig used to own five different golf tech learning centers. He has taught over 10,000 lessons, and he’s taken his expertise to the online world. Craig is now the creator of Face First Golf, which is a community that was born on Facebook, then brought even further onto the digital side of his own membership program. His programs focus on eliminating the common errors that plague 12+ handicap players.”

You can see more at Face First Golf or on Facebook.

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