With The Golf Gods You Win Some and Lose Some

One thing that all golfers have in common is that they understand that we all have to deal with the Golf Gods. Unfortunately no one has come up with sure fire ways to please them.

Since I started playing golf at the age of nine I have been aware of then and have learned that there are several of them and most tend to specialize in certain areas. Over time I have given them names which reflect their specialty.


Max is the God of Very High Scores. If you ever have a really good front nine and shoot your best round ever for nine holes this ticks Max off and he gets even on the back nine. Occasionally he is real busy and you get in an entire round. That goes on his list and he will be waiting the next time.


Nerveitus is the God of Yips. He actually covers the entire course but loves chips and putts the most.


He is the God of Cockiness. He takes over when you say things like, “I got it. I can double the last hole and still have my best round ever” or “I know I can two putt from here.” Anything like and you will suffer the consequences.


Ralph just screws with people for no reason. He is the one that I’m most familiar with because there seems to be absolutely no rhyme or reason to when he shows up.

Sometimes, however, for no apparent reason Ralph decides to smile on you.


Written by BP Staff

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