Butch Harmon on Helping Tiger – What He Really Said

Matthew Dunn of the Daily Express published an interview he did with Butch Harmon about Tiger Woods and from the title of the article it would seem to imply that Butch was ready to help Tiger get back to his previous form.

I wish I had a dollar for every article I have checked out that had a misleading title. What Butch actually said was:

“Would I be open to going back and working with him properly? I have got more players than I can handle right now, so that would never happen. But if he ever wanted my opinion I would be more than happy to give it to him. I would have to know about his body and what his health issues are but I don’t think it is going to happen – but I’d be willing to give him my opinion.”

“I would be open to spending a day with him, watch him hit balls and give him my opinions.”

That is a lot different than taking on being Tiger’s coach again.

When Butch Harmon first started working with Tiger in 1993 the young prodigy was only 17 years old. While they were together over the next nine years, under Butch’s guidance, Tiger became the greatest force the sport has even known. During that span he won eight Majors in five years – two more than Tiger has won in the 14 years since the pair split.

Harmon did make one comment that rings very true that a lot of the diehard Tiger fans don’t like to think about is simply this.

“If you look at Tiger, it is a huge ‘if’ whether he can come back as good as before,” he warned. “And if he does, everybody else is a lot better than they were before.”

The quality of the competition has gotten so much better, mainly because the young guys saw what Tiger did and moved the level of the game in general up. If Tiger could, by some miracle, get his peak form back, he would not dominate today like he did in his prime.

When Tiger came on the scene and won the Masters, with a record score, he won by twelve shots. When Jordan Spieth shot the same score and tied the record he won by only four shots and there were thirteen people with in twelve shots. Times have changed.

Written by BP Staff

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