Bryson DeChambeau’s Radical New Driver

Bryson DeChambeau put a new driver in play at the Arnold Palmer Invitational which, to no ones surprise, is different. He has already received a lot of attention for playing with single length irons which have created quite a stir and now he has added a new driver.

The club is s blue King Cobra F6+ with 7 degrees of loft on it and of course it is adjustable so he can customize to his specifications. It has an 18-gram weight that slides in a track and can be positioned in five different locations in order to adjust the center of gravity which affects the trajectory of the golf ball.

What makes this really interesting is that DeChambeau had them remove the weight completely in order to make the club extremely light. A swing weight scale runs from A0 to G10 and Bubba Watson swings a driver that is D3. Bryson’s new driver is B9 which gives you some idea of how super light it is.

I realize that swing weight is only a balance point and only measures where the weight is located, but B9 means very little head feel. Ben Schomin, the tour representative for Cobra had this to say about it:

“We cut the slide piece out along with removing the 18-gram weight to get his overall swing weight down. He was looking to lower his overall head weight so he could get to his target swing weight of B-9.”

In addition to removing weight from the head the driver also has a JumboMax XL grip that weighs a whopping 121 grams vs normal grips at 50 grams.  This puts even more of the weight away from the club head.

I guess it worked for him since he finished T-27 at Bay Hill with an average driving distance of 289.4. He is going to be interesting to watch when he finally turns professional after the Masters.

Written by BP Staff


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