Is Your Ego Hurting Your Golf Score?

Having played with hundreds, if not thousands, of “average” golfers over the years I have noticed that almost all of them make the same two mistakes that kill their golf game. I found an article recently on Pro Golf Now that stated both of them very well:

“The two most common mistakes that I see are not enough club on the approach shot and too much loft around the green. Club selection should not be based on hitting the ball dead flush. Reality is that this rarely ever happens for even for tour players. The other is being in love with the idea of the high soft pitch that ends up next to the pin.

By far the most common mistake is not using enough club. This is caused by two things. The first is that few golfers really know how far they actually hit the ball with each club the majority of the time. This is not about how far they CAN hit a club under ideal circumstances. This is about how far the ball goes with each club the majority of the time.”

With all the technology available today it is easy to find out how far you are actually hitting each club. One of the best free ones is “MyCaddie Pro” in the app store on iTunes.

The video below by Hank Haney will help you with club and shot selection around the green.

Written by BP Staff


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