A Professional Gambler’s Take on Who Is Going to Win the Masters

I recently ran across an article on who is favored to win the Masters. In this article Gary Van Sickle  interviews a professional gambler that prefers to remain anonymous, about his picks for the 2016 Masters Tournament. I love his comments about Mickelson.

What about Spieth?

“Anonymous Gambler: The thing that makes the Masters the best major to bet is the data. It’s the only major played at the same course every year, so we’ve got numbers we can crunch. The Kid, as I call him, has played two Masters — second once, ties the all-time scoring record in the other. He is the game’s best putter, and there aren’t three other players as good with a wedge. It’s that simple. Plus, the Kid has found a system with his caddie to out-prepare the other guys, the way Jack Nicklaus used to. I love, love, love that. Except the Kid messed up this winter. He jetted all over the planet; he’s pooped. He needs three weeks off, no golf, but that’s not going to happen in March. O.K., he’s 22; he’s resilient. I’m just afraid he strained his back hauling all those dirhams, yuans and Aussie-Singapore dollars to the bank. I’m laying off him… for now.”

So which players do you like?

“Anonymous Gambler: Jason Day scares me in a good way. With a little better luck, he could be sitting on four majors, just like Rory. He played the most impressive golf last year. Day has had two good runs at Augusta. He’s part of what you media parasites call the Big Three, and I think he has a chance to be the lead dog. At 8 to 1, he’s on my top-secret short list.”

Is Phil Mickelson on that list?

“Anonymous Gambler: Funny you should ask. Phil has fumbled away twice as many majors as Greg Norman ever did. He should have 15 majors. If there’s one place Lefty still has a shot, it’s Augusta. I’m not sure he can close the deal, though, but that’s been true for 25 years. His short game and putting look better than they have in five years. I find that extremely exciting, along with his 20-to-1 price.”

Written by BP Staff


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