Man Starts GoFundMe So Friend Can Play Kapalua

Most of us have good friends, but this guy has a really great friend. Here is what a really great friend does.

This guy named Dave is going on vacation to Hawaii and wants to play golf at Kapalua’s Plantation Course which is the home of the Tournament of Champions. Unfortunately it comes with a price tag of around $300.00 and Dave’s wife is not going along with spending that much money for one round of golf.

He was telling his buddy, Chris Chaney, about his problem so Chris decides to help him out by starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise the $300.00 As of this writing the campaign has raised $160.00. If you are an avid golfer and can feel his pain because his wife won’t let him spend the money then you can donate here to make his dream come true.

While I’m on the topic of wives and golf here is a story that I really have trouble with.

It seems this guy that is only identified as Tim K. recently got married and his new bride is making him sell his golf clubs because she doesn’t want him playing golf any more. My questions are how to you not find this out until after you are married and why would you give into to this demand. Apparently this is not a negotiation, simply a demand, because she, apparently, is not giving up anything in return.

I have to admit that he seems to have a sense of humor about it just from the wording in the ad which is shown below. The real problem to me is that he is giving in on something this important right after he gets married. What’s next? Sorry guy but you have already set a precedent.

This reminds me of a conversation a friend of mine had with his wife. In a similar situation he told her that she was beginning to sound like his ex-wife. She replied that she didn’t know he had been married before. He replied, “I haven’t.”

If you are looking for a good used set of clubs and an extra backbone here’s the ad.

Club Ad

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