Rory McIlroy Shows That He Is A Class Act

Rory McIlroy showed that he is a class act with his recent comments.  When social media lit up talking about how Jordan Spieth is playing right now and clueless idiots making a lot of derogatory comments about him such as:

World #1 came to his defense on Twitter. He didn’t have to do that and it was a class act. I applaud him for it.

I do wish, however, that Spieth hadn’t tried to defend himself. I guess I need to tweet him a copy of Mark Twain’s great quote which is one of my favorites:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

I am just amazed that people that have no clue what it takes to play golf at that level feel qualified to make comments like those above.

Players that have reached that elite level of playing ability have to depend almost totally on the mental aspect of the game to maintain that level. There is nothing wrong with Jordan Spieth other than something about his mental state. He will figure out what’s bothering him and get it straightened out quickly.

I will admit that I agree with Rory on one thing; he is no Tiger Woods. I have been fortunate enough to see Jack Nicklaus in his prime and Tiger Woods in his. I doubt that I’ll be around long enough to see another player that is as good as either of them. They were so mentally strong that they won tournaments by shear intimidation.

The ball striking and shot making were great, but there have been many since with the ball striking skills and even more “perfect” swings, but none have had that mental ability that set them apart. It reminds me of a statement that Tom Weiskopf made:

“Jack knew he was going to beat you. You knew Jack was going to beat you. And Jack knew that you knew that he was going to beat you.”

The same can be said for Tiger Woods. The person that can do the same thing to the competition that they did has not shown up yet.

Written by BP Staff


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