Why Golf Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Contrary to all the things that you hear constantly, golf doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the biggest threats to growing the game of golf is the constant comments from golf professionals and tour players that golf is difficult. That is not necessarily true and here is why.

I recently ran across an interesting article talking about golf not having to be difficult for the average golfer and I agree with what it had to say.

“If you just want to break 100 you don’t have to have the perfect address position, perfect alignment, or the perfect grip. Your margin of error on those things is huge. You are just trying to avoid double bogeys and higher. You accomplish that by learning to play smarter and focusing on scoring instead of ball striking. Learn to miss it the same way every time.

Par for the person just trying to shoot in the 90’s is bogey on every hole. Stop trying to carry bunkers and water in order to reach the green in regulation. Add one more stroke to par on every hole and start feeling more positive about your game. Spend most of your time playing and working on putting, chipping and pitching.”

BullseyeGolf is like a bulls-eye. If all you want to do is break 100 you have to do very little correctly. If you want to break 90 then you have to do a few things correctly. If you want to break 80 then it gets a little tougher. If you want to break 70 then it gets truly difficult.

If you are an average golfer then breaking 100 is your goal and if you are like most people in this category you have a slice. You don’t need to fix it to get to you goal. All you need to do is quit fighting it and learn to slice the same amount every time.

I had a member at a previous club that sliced every shot. I don’t mean cut or fade. Full blown banana ball and he had a single digit handicap. He knew exactly how much he was going to slice and played for it. He did have a good short game though.

Written by BP Staff

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