Jason Day and Tiger Woods Talk About Attitude

Jason Day and Tiger Woods talk about attitude and having the “killer instinct.” Jason Day talks about his recent conversation with Tiger Woods about Jason’s concerns for his own game right now. Having won five PGA Tour titles, including the PGA Championship, and four times in the final three months of the season last year he has reason for concern. So far this year he has had finishes of 10th place, 11th place and a missed cut.

“He had nothing else, I guess,” Day said, “he was just sitting at his home and I just called.”

“Every time that I talk to him, it’s mindset, mental toughness, effort,” Day said. “It didn’t matter how bad it was; if it was a course that he did not like, he was just going to flat out-execute you. It did not matter. That’s that killer instinct that I need to get back like I had at the second half of last year, get back and take it into this year and go through with it.”

“I have the killer instinct — I do, it’s down there, but it just hasn’t come out yet [this year],” he said. “Once it does, I’m hoping that I can replicate the second half of last year. But it’s amazing to be able to talk to someone that’s done it for so long, because [Woods] did it for 14, 15 years of just absolutely dominating and killing it. If there’s a better person to talk to about it, that was him.”

“That’s one of the main reasons why I called Tiger was to ask him about stuff like that, because he dealt with it so great and he wanted it for so long, and that’s the biggest key was want,” he said. “It really comes from within. But once again, I’m talking to Tiger about it and just I have to make sure that I go out there and go through the process right and do all the little things that got me to that point of dominating the second half.”

When you have reached the level that Day has it is not about swing. It is all about attitude and nobody knows more about attitude than Tiger Woods. He didn’t just want to just win; he wanted to lap the field. That’s how you end up winning a Masters by 12 shots and the US Open by 15 shots.

The kind of advice that Day could get from Tiger is worth more than all swing advice in the world.

Written by BP Staff


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