The Tiger Woods Saga Redefines Strange

To say that the Tigers Woods saga is strange is an under statement.  We are talking about X-Files and The Outer Limits type strange.  We started out with some guy quoting a “reliable source” that Tiger Woods could barely stand up and had trouble sitting up straight.

Tiger’s agent fires back immediately saying that report was totally untrue and that Tiger was “progressing nicely.”

Then we hear from Woods’ good buddy Notah Begay when he said his pal was doing well.

“He’s moving along, progressing,” Begay said on Golf Channel. “He’s in a good frame of mind, and I think that’s the most important thing. It’s just about being patient with injuries. You get older, they’re harder to overcome, and I think he’s doing a great job staying patient.”

Next we have Tiger posting a tweet showing him hitting balls using a simulator.

This creates another flurry of comments and analysis and prompted Kyle Porter of CBS to say this;

“I’m not saying Woods is never going to get better or play golf again. On the contrary, I hope he does! I think he will. And I could be wrong about everything I’m writing here. It’s pure speculation. That’s what it’s meant to be.

I’m just saying this Twitter video might not be everything you want it to be. The Masters is not happening, and the 2016 season is probably not happening, either. If Woods plays this year, I’ll be stunned. Woods’ goal — for now — should be to keep the carrot in front of his fans and, honestly, himself for as long as possible. Because there’s no future like a hopeful one. Even if that hope is dwindling by the surgery.”

We also have Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee weighing in with this critique of Tiger’s swing;

“Tiger Woods looks like an injured, put-back-together 40-year-old man”

Now we are getting a report from Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte saying;

“Apparently, Tiger Woods is further along in his recovery than we were led to believe, I was told by a trusted source this afternoon that Woods was actually hitting drivers at the end of last week. Not full speed but that he was hitting drivers.”

Am I the only one that is totally confused here? I have basically decided to stop playing attention to any of it unless it is an interview with Tiger or a direct quote from him. At the very best he is still a long way from returning and being able to compete.

Written by BP Staff


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