Look Who Says a Baseball Swing Can Improve Your Golf Swing

Using a baseball swing can improve your golf swing and it is simple and easy. If you are in the least skeptical about this then read on and see who says so and what they have to say.

I always write with the 15 handicap and higher in mind.

I was involved in a discussion about this on Facebook the other day with some top instructors. The thread was started by Michael Hebron who is in the PGA Hall of Fame and presently the top 28 teacher as ranked by Golf Digest.


The attached video demonstrating this is by David Leadbetter.

As you will see from the photos and video the similarities are remarkable and by using the technique outlined in the video you can make major strides in the power and consistency of your golf swing.

I have taught this for years with a great deal of success because it helps you develop a feel for a good golf swing.  Just remember that all change, no matter how positive, feels a little different at first but gets comfortable quickly with a little practice.

Written by BP Staff


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