Bubba Watson and His Unique Golf Swing

Bubba Watson and his unique golf swing are living proof of the old adage “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” He doesn’t mind telling you that he has never had a golf lesson and that he learned his unique way of hitting the golf ball on his own just by doing it and experimenting and doing it some more.

His swing is a thorn in the side of all those that try to tell you that you absolutely must do this or that and the golf swing should look a certain way. He lifts his left heel like Jack Nicklaus did, a move which has fallen out of favor among the top instructors that teach the so called “modern golf swing” and some are now questioning about the longevity of people that are trying for distance while keeping the left heel down.

From the time he was six years old he would hit balls in his tree lined yard in Bagdad Florida for hours at a time learning to shape shots around the trees, under the trees and over them.  One of the main advantages of being self taught is truly owning your swing.

He does possess a couple of talents that are somewhat unique. He has great shot visualization very similar to Seve Ballesteros he also has great hands. Here is what one instructor had to say about it:

“I don’t know if Bubba plays tennis, but if he did he would have a great forehand and backhand because of the fast pace at which he moves his hands through the hitting area. He’s got quick hands and the ability to trust them with the club face through the ball.”

Here is a great analysis of his swing compared to the swing of Jack Nicklaus by Charlie Rymer and Lauren Thompson of the Golf Channel.

Written by BP Staff


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